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Odesa Opera and Ballet House

Kyiv – Odesa – Kiev – 13 days

From the ancient capital of Kyivan Rus, but ever young Kyiv to the vibrant Odessa and back, enjoying en-route the tranquility of old Kaniv, exciting Cossack Horse show in Zaporizhzhia, picturesque boat trip to the Dnieper Delta and beautiful river landscapes.

Kyiv – Odesa – Kyiv – 8 days

Experience a journey into the heart of Europe. Visit the three cities in Ukraine that boast most significant cultural heritage. Enjoy the grandeur of Kyivo-Pecherskaya Lavra and Saint Sofia Cathedral in Kyiv. Admire the monumental Potemkin Stairs and experience the mesmerizing ballet performance at one of the most renowned opera houses in Europe – Odessa Opera and Ballet House.

Fetesti – Odesa – Kyiv – 12 days

Our cruise connects two greatest European rivers, the Danube and the Dnieper, and the blue waters of the Black Sea. Starting with the unspoiled beauty of the Danube Delta we will take you to the “Pearl of the Black Sea” – joyful Odessa – and impressive golden domed Kyiv.

Top Ports of Call


“The Mother of Rus cities”, the Ukrainian capital is more than 1500 years old, and is the birthplace of Russian Orthodoxy. Kyiv is a charming city with splendid architecture, ancient golden domed cathedrals and historically valuable monuments.


Odesa is Ukraine’s primary port city and a bustling cultural hub known as “Pearl of the Black Sea”. Our guests are welcome to visit the famous Potemkin Staircase, Promenade and Odessa Opera and Ballet House, which is considered to be among the most beautiful opera houses in Europe. In the evening we invite our guests to see a mesmerizing ballet performance at Odessa Opera and Ballet House.


The Zaporyzhyan Sich fortress was the main stronghold of the Cossacks in Ukraine. It was built in the 16th century on Khortytsya Island. Cossacks ruled these lands as an independent republic within the Russian Empire. During our stay in Zaporyzhya we visit Khortytsya Island to witness the most fascinating Cossack Show performed by real Cossack actors. During the show our tourists witness extraordinary scenes from the real life of Cossacks who demonstrate their unprecedented skills in horse-riding, sword and whip fighting, gun shooting and dancing. Tourists can learn about Cossacks in the Cossack Glory Museum. During the city tour our guests discover a modern industrial city on the Dnieper that is home to one of the largest hydroelectric power stations in Europe.


The pearl of pre-Danube lows, often called the «Ukrainian Venice», is situated at the point where Danube meets the Black Sea, on the border with Romania. The town is unique as it stands on water. The land that supports the town was artificially built up by man. Instead of the ordinary street roads the blocks are separated by the water channels. The most common transport here is the Ukrainian «gondola» built locally by skilled craftsmen. After the excursion around the town our guests can make a trip on the boat to the delta of Danube visiting natural reserve with its diverse flora and fauna. This area is inhabited by more than 240 different bird species (pink pelicans, brants, herons, eagles and others). On the sea coast at the border of Danube and Black Sea you will see «0 km» sign, which symbolizes the end of the mighty Danube and beginning the vast Black Sea.