Chervona Ruta Ukrainian Waterways

Chervona Ruta Ukrainian Waterways is a leading cruise operator in Ukraine.

We are the proud owners of the largest fleet of river cruise ships in Ukraine that service around 10 000 foreign tourist from over 25 countries a year.

During the last 25 years we welcomed more than 150 000 tourists from 41 countries on our cruises. Our Danube, Dnieper and Black Sea cruises are regularly rated among the best in Europe.

Chervona Ruta Ukrainian Waterways operates three 4-deck cruise ships, modern river bateau Rosa Victoria and a flagship 5-star cruise ship Fidelio that sail along the shores of the Danube, Dnieper and Black Sea.

  • The food and service is of a 5 star level. It is usualy impossible to have them both so good, but you managed it. Keep it up! Interior design, textile and furniture offers full relaxation.

    Seewald Syevia
  • This floating hotel is an oasis of happiness!!! Everything is magnificent, better than you can wish for!!!

    Mahaupt Herta


Our cruises are voted among the best in Europe particularly for dining experience.

We make it our absolute priority to treat our guests with the best quality food cooked by our highly trained chefs.

We are dedicated to providing an enriching cultural experience for our guests with every dish that we serve.

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